My post doctoral research project (Im)politeness in intercultural settings is funded by the Finnish Kone foundation (2017–19) and aimes at addressing the following:

  • What kind of perceptions do outsiders carry related to (im)politeness in Finland and in France?
  • How are these perceptions of (im)politeness re-created during discussions?
  • What sort of variation exists in evaluations of (im)politeness in intercultural interactions?


In my PhD, I studied forms of address in French films and their translations into Finnish.

After my PhD, I co-edited the first book in Finnish to deal with address practices in 13 European languages:

  • Isosävi, Johanna & Lappalainen, Hanna. 2010. Saako sinutella vai täytyykö teititellä? Tutkimuksia eurooppalaisten kielten puhuttelukäytännöistä. Tietolipas 246. Helsinki: Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura (table of contents, in FinnishEnglish abstract).


In addition, I’ve studied the opposite side of politeness, that is verbal violence in digital discourse, and co-edited the book Miscommunication and verbal violence / Du malentendu à la violence verbale / Misskommunikation und verbale Gewalt (Ulla Tuomarla’s project Hate speech).


For full list of publications, please see “Publications”.

I also serve as a co-editor of SKY Journal of Linguistics.